Corey Henry, PGA
General Manager
(954) 752-4500, ext. 4
[email protected]

Kelly Chernicky

Business Manager
Call Kelly Chernicky at:(954) 752-4500 ext. 5
[email protected]

Mark Bleier, PGA

Head Golf Professional
Call  at:(954) 752-4500, ext. 6
[email protected]

Bob Harper, GCSA
Golf Course Superintendent
(954) 752-4500
[email protected]

Marty Maisa, PGA
Assistant Golf Professional
(954) 752-4500 ext. 1
[email protected]

Rebecca Moyle

Director of Sales
(954) 752-4500 ext. 2
[email protected]

John Nelson
PGA Professional, Director of Golf Instruction / Golf Academy
Call John Nelson at:(954) 675-8826
[email protected]

Nelson Arias

Athletic Director
Call Nelson Arias at:(954) 604-0118
[email protected]